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Whether it's a collection of exciting STEM-related stories or an interesting news article your found the other day, share it with the STEM community by guest-posting it on this blog!

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Aparna, Founder

Madeleine, Guest Writer

I am a highschooler who is currently part of an all girl robotics team. I am lucky enough to be living in an affluent enough community to have full access to STEM programs and classes. Because of this, I want other girls like me to be able to have the same opportunities to get involved in STEM as I do.

Nicole and Cordon from Superwomen in Science, Guest Writers

Nicole is a Master's of Neuroscience student at McGill University with an Bachelor's of Human Kinetics. Cordon is a Master's of Music Therapy student at Concordia University and is a certified music therapist (MTA). They created and host Superwomen in Science, a podcast that highlights the past, present, and future of women in science.


- Guest writer (1-5 posts)

- Staff Writer (6-9 posts)

- Writer-in-Residence (10+ posts)

Archi, Guest Writer

Archika is currently a junior at Interlake High School. Archika is passionate about STEM diversity and inclusivity, which she tackles with her international initiative EduSTEM. Along with activism and learning about social issues important to her, Archika has conducted computer science research at institutions such as Stanford University and the University of Washington.

Prototype G - 11306, Guest Writers

Prototype G is an all-girls FIRST Tech Challenge team from Princeton, New Jersey. The team works to not only compete in FTC, but also to empower women, girls, and minorities in STEM and to challenge the stereotypes about girls around the world. They are a very determined team; they made quite the entrance into FTC in their first year last season, hence the motto, "she believed she could, so she did". 

Making robots by day, empowering ladies in STEM by night.

Caroline Davidson is a junior at Ponte Vedra High, Florida. You can find her dancing, playing piano, or encouraging girls in STEM through the club she founded with her sister, G.E.M.S.

Caroline Davidson, Guest Writer

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