what is girls in stem?

Although women make up 50% of the world's population and 48% of the American workforce, only 24% of the American STEM fields are made up women.

According to one Forbes article, "The problem starts as early as grade school. Young girls are rarely encouraged to pursue math and science, which is problematic considering studies show a lack of belief in intellectual growth can actually inhibit it. In addition, there exists an unconscious bias that science and math are typically 'male' fields while humanities and arts are primarily 'female' fields, and these stereotypes further inhibit girls’ likelihood of cultivating an interest in math and science." The problem arises at a young age when these "gender roles" discourage young girls from pursuing STEM-relatied actvities. 

Various organizations around the world are working hard to fill this gap by trying to spark the interest for STEM-related activities in girls from an early age. These organizations are made to encourage girls to persue careers in STEM fields. This is "girls in STEM".

what is this blog about?

Here, I hope to share my excitement for STEM with all my readers. I would like to eventally turn this blog into a community for my readers to make connections with one another. Not only this, I hope for it to become an avenue for girls and women to share their STEM-related experiences and advice for others to see. 

This is a safe place for all my readers to:

  • Read STEM-relating blog posts

  • Connect with other ladies in STEM

  • Guest write on this blog

  • Find upcoming STEM-related events!

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